Watch: Sky drops the ball in crucial club game
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Watch: Sky drops the ball in crucial club game

 If you’ve ever met Sky Tshabalala, you’ve seen how manly he is, except when you watch this video. This might change your mind.

sky playing rugby and drops the ball
Screenshot: Twitter

It’s no secret that Sky is a rugby fanatic. In 2017, he toured with the Sharks in the preseason tour to France. He’s friends with all the guys and has played club rugby with most of them. 

He fancies himself as being on the fringes of playing rugby for The Sharks. 

However, there is one thing getting in his way and no, it’s not beer, as much as Darren and Keri will claim it. 

It’s this. Watch the video for yourself:

Darren and Keri had something up their sleeve, they went as far as calling Sky's coach. Listen to the podcast to hear what he had to say.

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