WATCH: Riaad Moosa gets candid about his new online show

WATCH: Riaad Moosa gets candid about his new online show

Earlier this month, Darren, Keri, and Sky spoke to Riaad Moosa about his Netflix special, and on Saturday he launches his online show, 'Not A Nice Guy: COVID Edition'. Darren interviewed him about the show and adjusting to 'the new normal'.

Riaad Moosa
Facebook/Riaad Moosa

When we caught up with Riaad Moosa a few weeks ago, he was curing our anxiety, fatigue, and stress through his Netflix comedy special, Life Begins. This time, the comedic doctor has been locked down with the Covid-19 pandemic and is trying to make sense of it all. 

To do this, he is launching his first online special, which can be watched globally as he gives you his take on Not a nice guy - The COVID edition.

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As far as South African comedians go, Riaad Moosa is one of the most universal. There is no doubt that he is your go-to guy when you want to book a gig, but surprisingly, Riaad says that he still gets a lot of negativity from his community.

While he understands that his fans give him 'tough love' so he does not stray from his original content that they love, Riaad believes that as he is getting older, the urge to be more honest and expressive continues to grow - which is what his new show is about.

Watch the full interview below:

IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/RiaadMoosa

Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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