WATCH: This puppy gets a cute traditional Indian welcome into this family

WATCH: This puppy gets a cute traditional Indian welcome into this family

This is definitely the cutest thing you'll see today.

Rottweiler welcome

We definitely know that Darren has a soft spot for his dogs - Gemma, Max and Carlo. If you don't believe us, then head to his Instagram page and see for yourself.

For now, though, we saw the cutest Rottweiler being introduced and welcomed into an Indian family in the cutest way. The video has since gone viral.

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In this video, a lady and her children are seen welcoming their new baby canine in the traditional Indian way; the family performs the welcome Aarti. This is a traditional Indian style of worshipping the deity or welcoming somebody really special or on a very special occasion.

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The little Rottweiler black puppy is held in the hands of his two siblings, wondering what was going on in front of his face as the two flames are being circled.

The lady, who we assume is the mother, is further seen applying tika (red vermilion) on the forehead of the puppy. This is the part that will have you thinking, "how cute?!" 

If you had no idea, the purpose of performing arti is to express a spirit of humility and gratitude, to the deities. 

Enjoy this cute watch here:

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Next time you welcome a little puppy in your family, you could have your own special ritual, or even a party for the little girl or boy. 



Main Image Courtesy: @mansikoul

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