WATCH: Man builds epic nightclub in his basement

WATCH: Man builds epic nightclub in his basement

Desperate for a night out, one man took things to the extreme by building his very own nightclub at home.

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Nightclubs and bars have been one of the industries hit hardest by global COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Unfortunately, the cramped space filled with booze and poor ventilation has made these places a breeding ground for the virus. For one man, however, the longing for the dancefloor made him make a rash decision to build his very own nightclub in his basement – and the results are amazing!

Sharing his progress online, John, who goes by the name of spaghettiinmygymbag on TikTok, has undertaken a full-scale renovation of his basement into a nightclub - complete with soundproof walls and a bar made from the bricks of his chimney.

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John started sharing the process in a number of videos on the app by digging out the floor. To make the nightclub feel bigger, John lowered the depth of the basement by a whopping 50 centimetres.

After that, John embarked on soundproofing the basement by filling the space with closed cell foam. This is important so that none of the neighbours are bothered by the loud music that will be playing.

The next step was ordering extremely thick drywall, "in case knuckle heads try to punch through the walls", before he created a sleek bar area used from the bricks from his chimney which he removed in the process.

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To finish the process off, John poured different coloured metallic paints onto the floor and mixed them together to create a marble effect. Finishing the floor off with a gloss that gave the space a really glamorous feel.

Now, he just has a few last-minute details add into his nightclub – like lights and a sound system – and John will be good to go and enjoy a socially-distant party from the comfort of his own home.

Watch the process here:


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