New footage: Man attempts to kidnap child from local restaurant

New footage: Man attempts to kidnap child from local restaurant

Shocking footage of a man snatching a little boy from the play area of a local restaurant has gone viral. We chat to the mother of the toddler who almost got kidnapped.

attempted kidnapping at Spur
Image: Facebook/ Dewald Wessels

LISTEN: East Coast Breakfast chats to Lauren, mother to the toddler who almost got kidnapped:

Footage of a man's attempt to kidnap a little boy from a restaurant has gone viral and it's a warning to all parents to be vigilant when out in public with their children.

The incident took place in November 2016. The mother of the little boy did not post the video online at the time, but she's glad that it has been shared now to make other parents aware of these monsters.

In the video, you can see a small boy walking towards the play area of a restaurant. Seconds later, a man walks toward him, picks him up, and walks in the opposite direction, shielding him from his parents' sight.

Immediately, the boy's father notices that the stranger has picked up and walked off with his son. He then rushes towards the man in quick fashion, followed by his pregnant wife.

The video was posted on Facebook by Dewald Wessels, warning parents to "ALWAYS keep an eye on your kids when visiting restaurants, malls or any public area".

The boy's mother shared the video below with us, showing us another angle of the restaurant where her husband confronts the man who attempted to kidnap his son.

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