Watch! Local snake expert gets opportunity to swim with his King Cobra

Watch! Local snake expert gets opportunity to swim with his King Cobra

Local reptile expert Dingo Dinkleman did it again when he swam with The biggest venomous King Cobra snake on the African Continent is known as 'Thor'. The 4.8-metre serpent went for dip in a pond with Dingo

dinkle with king cobra
Screenshot: YouTube: Dingo Dinkelman

The King Cobra is incredibly talented. It can swim, slither on any ground surface, and even climb trees. It loves to swim, duck underwater, and wait for its prey. 

In some parts of the world, King Cobras live in lush environments that have heavy rainfall, with streams and big rivers. King cobras can be found gliding across major streams effortlessly with their heads raised.

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Dingo Dinkelman is known for taking on dangerous animals. His YouTube channel has 130,000 subscribers, who eagerly await his exciting yet informative videos about all sorts of reptiles and animals. This time, he took a chance and swam with a 4.8-metre cobra, and he called it a once in a lifetime experience.

The Durban man from Hillcrest won the Cell C Blink Pictures #BreakTheNet (#BTN) competition in 2016 which landed him a trip to Los Angeles and R250,000.

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Watch Dinkleman's experience of a lifetime:

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