WATCH: Intense fight between two tigers

WATCH: Intense fight between two tigers

According to Darren Maule, this brawl is a battle of territories.

Tigers fighting
Screenshot from video

The best thing you will watch today is a very intense brawl between two tigers in India.

Although it is not clear what the two cats are fighting over, Darren Maule is convinced that it is a territorial fight.

"It looks like two males and it could be a territorial fight. So they won't fight for too long, they'll just fight to dominate and once one has dominated the other, they'll find another territory - which is kind of tough because we've taken all of their territories. So if you find a tiger in your backyard, it is because of a similar fight."

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In the video, the tigers are taking a peaceful walk together at a sanctuary, and moments later, the peaceful walk turns into an intense battle when one tiger charges towards the other. They wrestle only for a few seconds before one of the tigers seems to surrender while the other walks away.

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Watch the video here:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot from video

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