WATCH: A former South African hijacker spills the beans

WATCH: A former South African hijacker spills the beans

Here are all these secrets you can use to ensure your own safety. 

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There is so much crime that takes place in South Africa and being on edge and alert is something that should come naturally to all of us. It does not guarantee that you will avoid it completely, though. We can only try. 

A former hijacker, who was part of an armed robbery, shares his experience. Solly Mankga joined TV and radio personality Relebogile Mabotja on her show, Unpacked with Relebogile

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The young man, who had been in prison for 15 years, finally made it out and chose to choose a better lifestyle for himself. 

In a two-part video on YouTube, he shares how they used to operate back when he was a criminal.

Have a look here: 


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He shares more exclusive information here: 


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We hope that some of these help you in a situation that looks dangerous to you or another driver. 

You could also go watch the full video on YouTube, titled, Inside The Mind Of A Hijacker.

This is it right here: 


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