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Watch: Elephant charges at tourists in the Kruger National Park

Have you ever gone on holiday and while enjoying the scenery, the scenery decided to give you a closer look? This video is bound to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Elephant attack

The Kruger National Park is famously known as a tourist attraction where one can spot majestic animals such as leopards, rhinos, and even the African elephant. 

According to Timeslive, a New Zealand couple were saved in the nick of time by guides who stepped in after they came face-to-face with an elephant while on a walking safari. 

Take a look at the chilling video below:

Phew! That guide could be mistaken for an angel! What a close call!

Brett Larson‚ who was on honeymoon with his new wife‚ said the bull charged at them three times.

“We were extremely terrified but the guides were extremely calm,” said Larson, who also added that the third confrontation was less aggressive, which allowed his wife to get the whole thing on camera.

After the Larsons' near-death experience, they chuckled and held hands on their way back to their lodge, thankful to be alive, and for the heaven-sent guides who saved them.

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