Watch: East Coast Breakfast's rendition of Rihanna's 'Gwara-Gwara'

Watch: East Coast Breakfast's rendition of Rihanna's 'Gwara-Gwara'

'If Rihanna can do it at the Grammys, then why can't we?' asks Darren, Keri and, Sky...

Breakfast does the Gwara Gwara

Rihanna delivered an outstanding performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards when she included the famous 'Gwara-Gwara' dance move into her routine for 'Wild Thoughts'. 

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Naturally, South Africans went crazy over it and felt a sense of pride as the 'Gwara-Gwara' is a dance that was first introduced to us by South African artist DJ Bongz. 

Many South African performers, including Babes Wodumo and Ntando Duma, have mastered the art of the dance move. The move has become a mainstay and many use it now in their music videos and as a pivotal moment during their live performances.

After seeing the Grammys performance, if Rihanna can do the 'Gwara-Gwara', then why can't Darren, Keri and Sky, right? 

We'll let you be the judge. Watch the team try and attempt the 'Gwara-Gwara' to Babes Wodumo's hit, 'Wololo'.

Their rendition of the dance move has even been made into a GIF. Hilarious! 

We may need to get an expert in the studio (or even RiRi herself) to teach our beloved Breakfast Team how to 'Gwara-Gwara' ekasi style!

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