WATCH: Darren and Sky take on the #ResurrectionChallenge

WATCH: Darren and Sky take on the #ResurrectionChallenge

The #ResurrectionChallenge has taken social media by storm, so the boys decided to join in on the fun.

darren and sky ressurction challenge

Darren enters the reception area and suddenly finds Sky sleeping on the floor. Darren tries to wake him up using a few tricks, but he has a light bulb moment and knew what he needed to wake Sky up.

Darren returns with a can of Castle, and Sky immediately arises when he hears the sound of the can opening.

The #RessurectionChallenge started trending after a pastor claimed he brought a 'dead man' back to life in one simple action. His name is Alph Lukau from Alleluia Ministries, and his name is trending all over social media. The man arises after one touch from the pastor.

You have to watch to see what happens next: 

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