Watch: Couple find snake hiding inside petrol pump!

Watch: Couple find snake hiding inside petrol pump!

Nothing can escape snakes... even petrol pumps. They're everywhere!

snake hides behind petrol pump

It seems snakes can slither and hide everywhere and anywhere imaginable!

Recently, a snake handler was called in by a family down the coast of KZN to remove a black mamba that was hiding behind a shower railing in the bathroom, and now a couple in Georgia, US found a snake hiding inside a petrol pump!

Loren-Stacie Fleenor and her partner stopped at a petrol station to fill up when her partner noticed the snake hiding inside the pump, so they moved on to the next pump. A hero then decided to jump in to remove the snake.

According to Mashable, Brandon Radke used the nozzle, slowly and carefully, to remove the snake.

Radke said the snake was a non-venomous rat snake, which he released into the nearby woods.


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