Video: Parking like this is hazardous

Video: Parking like this is hazardous

We are left in awe of drivers who think it's okay to park like this...

A vehicle parks too close to another vehicle in parking lot
A vehicle parks too close to another vehicle in parking lot/TikTok Screenshot/@pvelez28

It is no surprise that some drivers still do not practice proper parking etiquette, which we were all taught when getting our driver's licenses

You are supposed to park inside the space of the two white lines set aside for parking. It's relatively easy, no? 

We know of some drivers who park badly on purpose so that no one parks next to them. We've heard that they do this so that their precious cars aren't scratched or dented. 

A woman who parked her vehicle in a parking lot returned to her car to find another car parked next to her. But this car was parked more in her lane than in their lane. 

The driver was clearly in the wrong by parking this way, but what's worse is it will take the woman some accurate manoeuvring to get out of the parking space without scratching the other car. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

Just so you know, this video contains profanity and is not for sensitive viewers. 

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