VIDEO: Giant black mamba found hiding in brick wall of Carrington Heights home

VIDEO: Giant black mamba found hiding in brick wall of Carrington Heights home

A black mamba snake measuring more than 2.2 metres long was extracted from within a wall.

snake in wall
Snake after being extracted from wall / Facebook.

Carrington Heights homeowners received a massive shock when they discovered a highly venomous snake in their back garden.

The creature had slithered into a wall by the time reptile conservationist, Nick Evans had arrived. Evans used the help of a builder to knock bricks from within the wall where the snake was in. 

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A video clip of the incident was shared on KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation's Facebook page. The video shows how Evans reaches into the hole in the wall and sees the snake's head, in a bid to escape the snake tries to quickly slither away before being caught by Evans.

"It's a big snake, it's around 2.2 metres. I thought you were calling me for a little house snake, but no you were calling for the real deal," Evans says while extracting the snake. Throughout the video, the homeowners can be heard panicking.

Facebook users have praised Evans after seeing the insane rescue mission. Check out some of their comments below:

"Well done. Don't know about the nerves of all concerned, but the poor snake looked terrified. So happy to see it saved." - Jenny Matthews

"Excellent no tricks no show no trauma for the snake too very professional" - Onward Mutambare

"Using your new tongs for excavation 😂 Nice removal Nick." - Ashley Kemp 

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Watch below:

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