Adorable five-year-old sings 'Jerusalema' for his grandfather

Adorable five-year-old sings 'Jerusalema' for his grandfather

Little Teddie is melting hearts with his cute performance.

Boy singing Jerusalema

There's no denying that Master KG and Nomcebo have united and inspired the world during lockdown through song and dance, but it is always videos of children singing a hit song that have the biggest emotional impact.

A proud grandfather has shared a heart-warming video of his grandson, whose name is Teddie, singing global hit song 'Jerusalema.' 

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Five-year-old Teddie can be seen with his eyes glued to a TV that is playing the song, waiting patiently to sing along while a baby boy dances around. He sings the lyrics almost verbatim, pronouncing them as accurately as he can. 

"Teddie said to me this afternoon that he wanted to make me happy by signing me a song in ZULU. He’s only 5. Love him to bits, very proud grandad," wrote Teddie's grandpa.

Watch the video below.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/Youtube

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