UPDATE: The Cubs of Westville have been released to a wildlife facility

UPDATE: The Cubs of Westville have been released to a wildlife facility

There has been an update on this wildlife phenomenon

Darren Maule shocked by lions
Darren Maule shocked by lions/ Facebook

"Alert! There is a lion cub on my stoep!"

Rarely do you come across news of individuals harbouring lion cubs within their homes, but when such revelations surface, swift action is assured. The text message wasn't exactly as above but it was eerily similar. Two lion cubs have been rescued from a property in Westville, Durban’s upper highway area.

According to IOL, "In a text message widely shared on community WhatsApp groups, private security guards and the SPCA were alerted to a property in Glenheath Place."

It is further reported that the communications officer of Westville SAPS reported that the SPCA received an anonymous tip regarding the cubs being kept in Westville.

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A nearby resident sounded the alarm after being informed about the two cubs. A 23-year-old man has been taken in for questioning upon discovery of these exotic animals.

East Coast Breakfast chat to Barbara Patrick, Manager - Kloof and Highway SPCA, about this matter. Take a listen: 

Barbara Patrick shares that the cubs have been taken for safekeeping to an undisclosed location. 

Spokesperson for the National Council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (SPCAs), Jacques Peacock, said the pair have been released as an NSPCA accredited facility.

"Considering that the residents of the property and the neighbours, where the cubs were found, denied ownership of the cubs, the cubs were impounded as stray animals. "Simba and Nala, a male and a female, are approximately four months old" Jacques Peacock said.

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"The facility is fully equipped to cater for their specific needs. Out of concern for their safety, the location will remain undisclosed," he said.

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