Remember when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down?

Remember when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down?

What really happened on Monday night? 

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It had unfortunately been a huge loss for Mark Zuckerberg, as he lost $7-billion after the outage on October 4th earlier this year. 

Twitter had the time of their life as most people flocked to the social media platform, which happened to be the only one going strong. 

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With just one tweet they shared, "hello literally everyone" and received more than 1.65-million likes, 335,000 retweets, and another nearly 120,000 quote tweets within hours. 

What truly happened to the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? 

We had Jan Vermeulen from MyBroadband share what exactly caused the crash. We also asked whether any of the hashtags like "#DeleteFacebook" had any legs? 

He shared this with us. Take a listen:

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A vague explanation from Facebook's chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer was released: 

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Instagram also lightly stated their case in a tweet that read: 

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So, despite all that took place, most of us woke up to multiple messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. 

It almost felt like the end of the world, didn't it? 

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