Top 25 names going out of style

Top 25 names going out of style

Is your name about to be lost forever?

It's almost impossible to find a 21st-century baby named Margaret or Delbert. For most, those names trigger nostalgia, but for new generation babies, they sound outdated and almost foreign.

Names are just fashion trends, they come and go...and some just disappear and will never be re-lived. "Naming your baby daughter after a flower may have been all the rage in the sixties, but now giving her a more traditionally male name is more in style", says Moose Roots

Moose Roots complied a list of 25 names going extinct and this what their data revealed:

25. Cathy

24. Jackie

23. Cheryl

22. Bill

21. Kay

20. Debra

19. Jill

18. Maureen

17. Roberta

16. Lynda

15. Dolores

14. Leslie

13. Marcia

12. Dianne

11. Jeanne

10. Glenda

9. Wanda

8. Janis

7. Sheryl

6. Sue

5. Marsha

4. Rhonda

3. Gail

2. Vickie

1. Phyllis

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