How does Tom cruise after being banned from buying a Bugatti?

How does Tom cruise after being banned from buying a Bugatti?

An unfortunate situation for this wealthy actor. 

Tom Cruise Bugatti
Tom Cruise in a Bugatti/ X (Twitter)

With great star power comes great responsibility. Once reaching A-lister status around the world, a big price tag comes with trying to keep up with the luxurious lifestyle. 

One famous action actor, Tom Cruise, is a lover of cars. Whether it's a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Rolls-Royce, guys like Tom itch to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, he has recently been permanently banned from buying a Bugatti - one of the foremost fancy cars in the world. 

Check out why Tom Cruise is permanently banned from buying a Bugatti:

The French company, Bugatti, is known for having some of the fastest cars on earth. It is also known to have strict rules and regulations for its clientele; Bugatti owners not only need to spend $21,000 on yearly maintenance, but also must change their tyres every 10,000 miles driven. 

However, none of these specific requirements are the reason that Tom Cruise was banned from ever purchasing a new Bugatti. Instead, he was banned for a minor incident in 2006, when he struggled to open the passenger side door of his Bugatti Veyron at the premiere of 'Mission Impossible 3'. 

Yup, a slightly awkward moment where he attempted to open a seemingly locked car door nearly 20 years ago resulted in Tom Cruise being banned from purchasing a Bugatti ever since.

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One online user says: "Tom Cruise is that man who can do anything... except buy a Bugatti." 

Here is the car that was the spark behind this ban: 

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest on this developing story at East Coast Radio. 

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