Toddler's rant about morning coffee is all of us!

Toddler's rant about morning coffee is all of us!

You seriously wouldn't want to mess with this two-year-old's coffee!

Mila - coffee rant
Image: Instagram / kaitsta

The 'adult' social media sensation, two-year-old Mila Stauffer, has once again trended and we can all relate to her latest rant. 

After ranting about living on a budget, being a mom, taking suggestions about her ‘boyfriend’, and many other grown-up issues, Mila has touched on a topic we can all relate to - the power and importance of an uninterrupted moment with a morning cup of coffee. 

Prepare to fall in love with this larger-than-life two-year-old!

My convo with mila today...(don't tell my mom I gave her coffee 😬)

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Mila's mom, Katie, shares her adorable videos on Instagram and Facebook, and the two-year-old has become a hit ever since.

Here are some of her funny and cute videos: 

I don't think Mila is ready to be a therapist anytime soon...😧 🎥 by @kaitsta

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Feeling broody yet? 

Yup, we thought so! 

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