Thieves raid five-year-old's honesty shop

Thieves raid five-year-old's honesty shop

Social media users have shown immense support for a five-year-old boy who only wanted to make some extra money through his stall.


A little boy in Worcestershire, England was left distraught after his honesty stall was raided by thieves; stealing his items and money.

Harry, who runs an honesty shop (which is a shop where customers can take items and pay by putting some money they think the items are worth in an unattended honesty box), sells eggs, goats milk, soap, and other items.

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Harry's story received attention after Philip Serrell, an auctioneer, shared it on Twitter.  

"This is Harry - he is 5 and runs a little honesty shop near to my Saleroom. Someone has stolen his money and his stock. They will probably be too ashamed to return either but if they get to read this I hope it costs them a few nights sleep, " Serrell wrote.

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The little boy's story soon trended, with social media showing him support and offering to help. 

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/PhilipSerrell

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