These dads have melted hearts thanks to their magical relationships with their kids

These dads have melted hearts thanks to their magical relationships with their kids

We celebrate men who have managed to build a following by being incredible fathers to their children.

TikTok dads

TikTok has become a platform for anyone. One’s feed could be filled with dance routines, celebrities, chefs and recipe creations, comedy clips, and so much more. However, every now and then, videos of fathers doing adorable things with their children pop up – and leave users with a massive smile on their faces.

Niko Valdes

Niko has managed to gain a massive following on social media thanks to his adorable relationship with his daughter Abella Lili, who he welcomed with his wife Cristal Valdes in October 2018. The duo have used the platform to share their everyday ramblings and create videos having conversations while doing everyday routines like brushing their hair and even releasing butterflies. Niko is also a new father who isn’t afraid to get vulnerable and share relatable daddy moments.


I didn’t think I would love the 2nd as much as the first😍 ##babyboy ##secondchild ##fatherson

♬ original sound - Jesse J. Pedigo

She is so brave 🥺💙 ##fatherdaughter ##toddler ##brave ##butterfly

♬ Worship Instrumental - Instrumental - Adrian Jonathan

She’s 2!!! Where does she learn this stuff from 😂 ##toddler ##fatherdaughter ##wax

♬ original sound - BABYFACE

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Gordon Ramsey

While the world is used to seeing the more passionate, perfectionist side of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, the star has shown a whole new side to his personality over lockdown by sharing hilarious videos with his daughter Tilly. Tilly has her dad do some crazy things on her account and finds any opportunity to prank her famous father.


I’m still running far far away.... ##ohno ##fyp @gordonramsayofficial

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Dad got way into this one 😅🤣 @gordonramsayofficial ##fyp

♬ Esco Like Yhop ft. Shawn P - Èsco Upp🗣


He’s a popular dancer and the official DJ on the popular ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, but Twitch, real name Stephan Boss, is a father as well – and he’s obsessed with his three kids. The famous celeb isn’t shy about posting videos of himself creating memories with his children who, for the record, have some fancy footwork of their own.


#ohnana #fyp #fun

♬ Oh Nanana - Remix - dj 6rb & Bonde R300

Gotta teach ‘em young! Maddox helped me pick out some gifts for Allison from @katespade ! She loved them! ##ipickedthisforyou ##loveinspades ##katespaden

♬ original sound - tWitch

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Zeth is a popular model, singer, and dancer from the United States – but it’s his adorable relationship with his two-year-old daughter Saylor that has helped him reach over seven-million followers on the platform. The duo shot to fame after Zeth started a podcast series where he sits with his daughter and asks her questions – often prompting hilarious and heart-warming conversations.


Almost thought I was looking into a mirror

♬ original sound - Zeth

She’s actually my personal stylist 🎀

♬ original sound - Zeth

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