The Sharks help rebuild KZN with #HandsOfHope campaign

The Sharks help rebuild KZN with #HandsOfHope campaign

The Sharks are joining hands with other organisations to help KZN communities that were horribly affected by #KZNShutdown. 

Sharks Rugby help rebuild KZN with #HandsOfHope

The tragic events of the previous week in KZN have left so many families, business owners, and employees scarred. Having a store that took years to build burn down in a few minutes is something that one will take time to psychologically recover from. It will take an even longer time to re-establish the business again. 

The Sharks, through the generosity of their shareholder MVM Holdings, have committed to starting a contribution of R1-million towards their #HandsOfHope campaign aimed at rebuilding our province by uplifting communities and peoples’ livelihoods.

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#HandsOfHope is a message of positivity with the focus on achieving good and to show what we, as South Africans, can achieve when we join hands to work together for a common cause. The Sharks are currently in conversation with the Kolisi Foundation and Beast Foundation to assist with the implementation of the vision of this campaign. They encourage their stakeholders and fans to get involved and donate where they can. 

The needs are huge, there is no denying that, but the goodwill in our communities is unlimited and together we can make a larger impact in as many communities as possible. Speaking about the launch of this relief campaign, Sharks CEO Dr Eduard Coetzee shared:  

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We were lucky to have Dr Eduard Coetzee come to the studio this morning to share more about the campaign. 

Have a listen: 

This is not simply a message of hope, but a call to create hope through positive actions, human efforts that will put smiles on faces and encourage members of all our communities spread throughout the province to embrace a future that promises to shine brightly and to act as a beacon of hope that inspires others to produce positive acts of giving. 

To contribute towards our relief efforts, please visit or email [email protected]


Main Image Courtesy: Supplied Sharks Rugby

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