Take a break and join Keri Miller on #MonthFreeMe

Take a break and join Keri Miller on #MonthFreeMe

"If I asked you what vice you wish you could stop, even if just for a few days, what would you say?" asks Keri Miller. 

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The first things that come to mind for me are social media and alcohol. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing how many evenings I spend with a glass of wine in my one hand, and my cellphone in the other. 

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Last Sunday, a feeling inside of me said: "Keri, you NEED a break girl!". Due to my work, being completely off social media for a month is almost impossible. However, a month free from wine (and all other alcohol), now that's something I don’t have an excuse not to do. If we do this together, we can be the support we need for those days that seem a little harder than the rest.

That's how the #MonthFreeMe idea came about. Firstly, think about the thing you would like to be free of for one month. It can be anything from a negative thought pattern such as being horrible to a friend or partner or yourself, a bad habit like smoking, or even just a promise to keep your room clean for the next month.

The journey begins on Monday, 27 August and runs until Thursday, 27 September - the day we ‘break our fast’.

During the month, we will be checking in here to see how it's going. It's a way to keep each other on track and to be each other’s support system.

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To get involved, add your name in the comments section below. This is your pledge to yourself to take a month for you to do something good for you.

Here’s to a #MonthFreeMe!


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