Swimming from DBN to CPT: How long will it take Sarah Ferguson?

Swimming from DBN to CPT: How long will it take Sarah Ferguson?

The record-breaking Durbanite swimmer takes this journey to raise awareness. 

Sarah Ferguson DBN to CPT

The name 'Sarah Ferguson' probably sounds familiar to you? Well, yes, she broke the Guinness World Record in 2019 and will probably do it again now! 

The 39-year-old started her swimming journey on the coastline route from Durban to Cape Town on 21 February 2022. 

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Again, this challenge may seem like a mountain, but the legendary swimmer hopes to break another record. 

She is raising global awareness for plastic pollution in the coastal ecosystem

She speaks to Keri Miller about the threats they face while at sea for the rest of the journey to Cape Town. 

Take a listen:

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If you want to make a contribution, click here: https://breatheconservation.org/

You can also follow her journey on social media. She is @oneoceanswim on Instagram. 

We can only hope for the best during the 1,500km swim - especially safety. 

This is the latest update on her social media account. 

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Main Image Courtesy: @oneoceanswim

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