Spreading hope and awareness through social media

Spreading hope and awareness through social media

Sixteen-year-old Teagan is using the power of social media to spread positivity and hope during these tough times.

Screenshot: Instagram: @unite.againstcovid

Darren Maule sat down with this inspirational young lady, who is using social media to help others during the pandemic. 

Teagan is obligated to do a community project as part of her grade 11 and 12 curriculum, and she thought what better time to start than now.

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"I have realised sitting in my bedroom what a massive impact this virus has on individuals, families, communities and South Africa as a whole. I decided to take the initiative and start a social media platform called unite.againstcovid to inspire hope, positivity, and mobilise awareness during this pandemic," said Teagan.

She has successfully posted messages from health care workers, cleaners, security guards, and even children, as well as some of our famous sporting heroes. Despite the steady increase in followers, she wants the world to see our rainbow nation.

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"I would like to spread the word and get as many South Africans to follow and send video messages so the rest of the world can see what a beautiful rainbow nation we truly are," she said.

As her parents are frontline workers in different medical fields of medicine, she too wants to make a difference.

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"My hope is that unite.againstcovid goes viral and we can show that we are stronger than the invisible Coronavirus that is creating such havoc," said Teagan.

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