Some businesses will now accept payments using links on WhatsApp

Some businesses will now accept payments using links on WhatsApp

Nothing beats this kind of convenience! 

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WhatsApp is coming through with convenience for so many businesses and consumers. They announced the Chat 2 Pay payment solution, which will see business owners accept payments in chat messaging by simply sending the consumers a payment link via SMS or the app. 

This feature is introduced by Clickatell. The CEO and co-founder shared that not only will Chat 2 Pay add to the world of digital payments, but it will aid in decreasing cases of fraud and the cost of doing business. 

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“Brands can now improve their customer service with Chat 2 Pay by providing a more convenient and secure way to make payments in chat messaging," Pieter de Villiers shared. 

We can all look forward to simply checking out via a link sent to us on WhatsApp. 

It is important to take into consideration that one will probably need data or some kind of connection to be able to finish off that payment. 

Otherwise it is not a complicated process here. Take a look at this.

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In three simple steps, brands can request and facilitate payments using this pay-by-link feature, IOL reports:

1. A merchant’s customer service or sales representative triggers a payment request from a standard CRM or order management system (OMS) and sends it to the customer as a link.

2. The customer receives a secure payment link via SMS or WhatsApp. When clicking on the link, it directs the customer to a hosted, responsive checkout page.

3. A customer then completes details and submits a payment receiving an order confirmation and receipt via chat.

We hope that our personal favourite businesses will have this option for us. 


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