Baby pythons unearthed at KZN construction site

Snakes alive! Baby pythons unearthed at KZN construction site

This was a very unusual call-out for me, and one that got me really excited! A construction team in the Tugela Valley had inadvertently excavated a python nest, digging right through it.

baby pythons

You can imagine the surprise they got when they uncovered all these little baby snakes!

They did what you might have expected - abandon the site. That is when I was called in to assist.

Pythons on construction site

Travel just inland of Stanger - I was told. Ha! It was much, much further than that, and I had no idea what hard work lay in store for me!

Please note, most snakes don't make nests like this! Pythons are different, they're really fascinating.  The female python lays her eggs, protects them, and even incubates them! Just about all other snakes, including the feared mambas and cobras, do not do this. They simply lay their eggs and leave them.

Python Nest

Find out what went down with this rescue by listening to episode 3 of Snake Rescue.

baby pythons

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It can't be nice discovering a venomous black mamba snake in a room at your home. Especially if you have a fear of snakes. That would probably give you nightmares! But when you have another visit a month-and-a-half later – that could just send you over the edge.

This is what happened to a family in Durban’s Reservoir Hills area. One storeroom area on the property seemed to be a favourite hiding spot for black mambas. It was perfect for them as it was warm and cluttered - so there were lots of potential hiding places for a snake.

Join Nick Evans as he returns to the property to rescue the mamba – and restore peace of mind to the family.

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