#SmoothiesInTheCity: Go green with Simon Keys' zesty smoothie

#SmoothiesInTheCity: Go green with Simon Keys' zesty smoothie

This one has a bit of bite like its name... the green mamba.


What do you get when you combine your love for smoothies and interest in snakes? Smoothies In the City!

Two weeks ago we launched the long-awaited #SmoothiesInTheCity with Darren Maule and snake enthusiasts Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillet.

The three-part series follows the trio into a master-kitchen where they make their favourite smoothies with snake-themed names. 

Darren started things off with his Purple Puff Adder smoothie, and then the Protein Milk Smoothie slithered into episode two and that was by Siouxsie. This week we are introduced to a zesty smoothie by Simon.

Watch below for all the ingredients and instructions and then vote in our poll for your favourite smoothie.

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