Sky's friend fires back at Darren's voice note

Sky's friend fires back at Darren's voice note

On Wednesday, Sky trusted Darren with his phone's password, but that ended horribly for Sky. Darren decided to voice note one of his friends... and she responded!

Darren and sky at roadshow

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After Darren had broken Sky's trust by voice noting one of his friends on WhatsApp, the unexpected happened - she responded!

In her voice note, she sternly explained that she doesn't like what Darren did and the pictures she sent him were for Sky only. 

Sky responded to her voice note live on air, and did the unthinkable - he friend-zoned her by saying: "I hope we can still be friends and maybe you should stop sending me those pictures." Sorry, girl.

This is what happens when you trust someone else with your phone. Lesson learned for Sky. 

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