Sky is not happy in his relationship and he needs advice

Sky is not happy in his relationship and he needs advice

After last night, Sky Tshabalala is ready to leave his relationship gracefully. He needs to talk to the team about it and get some advice. And, of course, Darren Maule and Keri Miller were happy to oblige.

Sky disappointed
Sky Tshabalala

"Keri Miller, have you ever been in an abusive relationship?" Sky started off today's Darren, Keri, and Sky show with those words.

At first, Keri was a bit confused at Sky's question, because as his work wife, she was not aware that he was an unhappy man.

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However, Sky is so unhappy that he used just two words to lament on Twitter. 

Listen below for the full story.

Okay, so as you heard, it turns out that Sky had a late night because he stayed up to watch his favourite football team, Manchester United - and now he is regretting it. And the regrets have been piling up because his club have been putting a long-lasting smile on his face for quite a few seasons. However, last night seems to have been Sky's last straw when Manchester United lost 3-2 to German football club RB Leipzig, knocking them out of the UEFA Champions League and as Sky said, "This means that Manchester United will now be playing against teams that sound like WIFI passwords."

Help Sky decide what to do. Should he stop supporting United? Vote below:

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