Six reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi

Six reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi

It is a debate which will continue for years to come, but we think Cristiano Ronaldo deserves more praise than Lionel Messi.


Here's why we think Ronaldo pips Messi...

1. Cristiano Ronaldo has played in three different leagues and he has always been able to shine. Lionel Messi has only played for Barcelona.

2. Ronaldo has won a major trophy with his national team, Portugal, where he is the only superstar. Messi has a lot of superstars around him in the Argentine national team and he has never won a major trophy with his country after featuring in three finals. 

3. Ronaldo has defensive capabilities due to his height. He defends set-pieces and forms part of free kick walls. Messi offers nothing defensively.

4. Aerially, there's no contest. Ronaldo beats Messi in that regard. Cristiano has scored more headed goals than Messi. 

5. When things go wrong, Ronaldo gets up and tries again, but Messi gives up. For example, Ronaldo missed a penalty at the 2016 Euros but he never gave up because he is used to pressure and the world being against him. When Messi missed a penalty in the 2016 Copa America final, he decided to quit the national team. Messi wants to be in an environment where he will be supported by the press, referees, and analysts. 

6. Ronaldo uses both feet. He scores all types of goals.

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