Should you teach your children about same-sex love at an early age?

Should you teach your children about same-sex love at an early age?

Social media was left in a total frenzy after YouTube sensation Lasizwe made a rather controversial statement.


Some topics are sensitive and are bound to spark intense debate and cause division. Such topics include religion and sexuality - to mention a few.

It is no secret that many South Afticans are still uncomfortable about same-sex relationships, even though marriage between people of the same sex is legal. But when do you have that conversation with your children? Is speaking to them at the age of seven too soon?

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When YouTube sensation and reality TV star Lasizwe made the suggestion that parents should teach their children about homosexuality from as early as seven years old, it did not go down well with everyone.

“I believe we need to start educating kids from the ages of seven about homosexuality and make them understand about same-sex love. I’m definitely teaching my children about the LGBTQI+ Community and these relationships."

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Social media users waded in, giving their opinion about this statement. While social media was divided, a lot more people felt that the age of seven was too early. 

Lasizwe did, however, share a video that demonstrated what he meant.

What is your opinion? When is the right time?

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