Shocking dangers in your shower

Shocking dangers in your shower!

Do you use a shower pouf or loafah when you shower? Well, you might have to throw it away. Right NOW!

Shocking dangers in your shower!

Most people make the assumption that their showering products are the cleanest objects in their showers, but in fact, it's quite the opposite.

Scientists have confirmed that shower poufs / shower accessories carry dangerous bacteria and germs.  "Mesh sponges and loofahs are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria", according to Sun-gazing.

They continue to add that "the tiny holes, netting, and folds in loofahs and poufs act to help trap dead skin cells, mold, bacteria, yeast, germs, dirt, grime, and more within them."

Instead of cleaning yourself, you're actually rubbing and smearing dead skin cells, bacteria and yeast all over your body. It’s recommended that you replace loofahs and shower poufs every three weeks. This way any mold or germs trapped in it won’t have long to grow and spread.


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