WATCH: Truck crashes into Flanders Mall car park

WATCH: Truck crashes into Flanders Mall car park

On Thursday evening, Keri Miller got word of an unbelievable accident that occurred at Flanders Mall, just off the M41 in Mount Edgecombe.

truck accident

In the video, a truck can be seen speeding through a barrier and crashing straight into Flanders Mall in Mount Edgecombe. 

The 14-second video did the rounds on WhatsApp late on Thursday night. It left many shocked - especially Keri. She decided she should share it with the rest of KZN. 

According to reports, thankfully, there were no fatalities. It is believed that five injuries were sustained, with three being serious. Police were on the scene on Thursday night, but no arrests have been made. 

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It is truly a miracle that there were any survivors.

See it here:

Check out the aftermath of this insane crash: 

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