SEE: What are food prices looking like in JHB, CPT and DBN?

SEE: What are food prices looking like in JHB, CPT, and DBN?

Have a look at how much you'll spend on your food basket. 


If you are looking at moving to any of the big cities in South Africa, the cost of living is one of the most important things to note. We shared the difference in prices a month or so ago here

But now, according to the food price data tracked by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group (PMBEJD), the results show the cost of food nationally has increased by 6.3% over the last year. 

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This is quite stressful taking into account the unemployment rate in the country. There are no jobs for families to feed themselves so this hike just intensifies the struggles of those without. 

The latest Household Affordability Index by the PMBEJD shows that the average cost of the Household Food Basket was at R4,272.44 – down R45.11 (-1%), from October.

Yearly, the average cost of the food basket increased by R254.19, from R4,018.25 in November 2020, and the overall basket cost is R416.10 higher than September 2020, when the basket was first tracked.

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But if you are in Joburg and Durban, take note that food prices saw a hike year on year at around 7%. And Cape Town has seen the smallest increase among the major metros with a 5.6% increase. 

The difference in cost of the total household food basket in Joburg, Durban, and Cape Town was consistent at around ±R150. 

Have a look at the numbers shared by BusinessTech.

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In November 2021, all household food baskets except for the Joburg basket declined. The country’s most populous city saw higher vegetable prices, cooking oil, and bread in November.

Have a look here:

Difference in food prices

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It comes as no surprise that groceries are expensive in Joburg as it one of the busiest and biggest city in the country. 

“The declines for all other baskets were off very high spikes in October, mostly driven by seasonal changes in vegetable prices, and the delayed run-through of the electricity price increase,” the PMBEJD said.

We can only hope that the prices are fair for December as people purchase items for their children for Christmas and the holidays. 

With the fuel hike and unstable electricity in the country, we hope this information is of aid to you and yours. 


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