SEE: Scrabble, the proudly South African version – from 'laduma’ to ‘aweh’

SEE: Scrabble, the proudly South African version – from 'laduma’ to ‘aweh’

Game night just got a lot more 'lekker'! 

Scrabble South Africa
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If you are a wordsmith and have been a champion at Scrabble, this is your time to be a two-time champion by getting Scrabble South Africa. 

Scrabble has officially launched a South African version of the world-renowned word-forming board game. 

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This version features more than 150 proudly South African words! How cool is this?!

Nothing has necessarily changed about the game: Players will start with a set of seven letter-containing tiles and attempt to create words on the board. Letters have different point values and placing a word on bonus blocks – like double and triple words or letters – scores big.

This game has been two years in the making and it could be the highlight of your next game night. 

Scrabble South Africa 2
Cape Town Guy

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Scrabble South Africa Brand Manager, Angelika Sansotta shared, 

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“This is an item which will bring all our cultures and languages together.”

This is a big deal because only four countries have their own version of the game - New Zealand, Australia, Italy, and Germany. 

In addition to more than 150 acceptable new words, the South African version also features Chance Cards which offer players tasks and opportunities to get some more points.

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The design of the Scrabble South Africa set features local motifs with all our representations - South Africa’s national flower - the King Protea, Table Mountain, a taxi, a koeksister, shongololo, and Ndebele patterns.

Toby Newsome, an award-winning illustrator working in Cape Town, designed the new look Scrabble.

So, head to varying stores for the game as it is already out. Simply, Google search it and you will find it! 

H-A-V-E F-U-N!

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