SEE: Brilliant! From power couple to Marvel superhero couple

SEE: Brilliant! From power couple to Marvel superhero couple

Wait, is that WandaVision? Or is our vision not as 'wandaful' as we think it is?

Wandavision couple

If you are a Marvel fan like Darren Maule, you will be familiar with the Marvel mini-series, WandaVision. This couple was able to have their costumes mimic those of the main characters in the series. 

If you think that this has been done before, you might be right. But we can guarantee you that it has never been done like this before!

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The characters in the series live in a sitcom-style suburban world as a married couple with two children. 

In each episode, you experience the characters from different eras. 

If you have already watched the series or seen the teasers, there are strong hints that all is not as it seems and that something very odd is going on here. Not least of which is the fact that Vision is alive, despite his death in Infinity War

The show would appear to be set after the events of Endgame, though that could also prove untrue down the line. Who knows? It's all a big mystery at this point.

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The couple is known for their cosplay costumes regularly - as seen on their Instagram page @unipoolcosplay - but this is by far our favourite! 

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If you are curious as us to see how they created the outfits, watch the really cool process below:

If you've never watched WandaVision, check out the trailer below. Trust us, you'll want to add it to your watchlist!


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