Scramblegate: Internet in turmoil over fluffy eggs made in boiling water

Scramblegate: Internet in turmoil over fluffy eggs made in boiling water

Egg-cellent or egg-streme? 

Scrambled eggs debate
Scrambled eggs debate/ canva

Hold onto your spatulas, folks...eggs-trodinary drama unfolds! The internet is in an absolute tizzy over the latest culinary craze: making scrambled eggs in boiling water. Yes, you read that right – eggs, water, and a whole lot of controversy! 

Let's crack open this shell-shocking saga and see what all the fuss is about:

If you are an egg lover then you are likely on a quest to find the way to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs. While some online users have shared that the key is cooking it in boiling water, other egg enthusiasts don't agree. 

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It all started with some online videos sharing how to make scrambled eggs in boiling water. The mere suggestion of cooking eggs in boiling water has ignited a firestorm of opinions online. From foodies clutching their frying pans in horror to others having sworn by this method for years, the  internet was divided. 

Interested? Here's how to make scrambled eggs in boiling water:

Here are some reactions from online users: 

  • "This is brilliant and it won't mess your pan!"
  • "This is a crime"
  • "Yummmmm fluffy eggs that taste like water! How can you compare to this?"
  • "Personally, makes me highly uncomfortable."
  • "I'm on board with this. Let's go."
  • "Wayyyyyy toooooo wet! Noooooo soggy eggs please."

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And there you have it, folks...scrambled eggs, boiled to perfection! 


There verdict? Some things are just better when you make it your way. 

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