The Queen of Maritime 'docks' on Keri's Couch

The Queen of Maritime 'docks' on Keri's Couch

They say women can multitask, but Londiwe Ngcobo takes it to another level. 'Driving ships', being a mom, wife, and daughter is all in a day's work.

Keri Miller and Londy Ngcobo
Shanice Pillay

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From humble beginnings in Clairmont, Londiwe Ngcobo was introduced to Maritime Studies in school. With her adventurous personality and supportive parents by her side, she was determined to accomplish what she set her mind to do.

"I can say that I just learned about a new profession today. Londy, who is 31-years-old, does not look a day over 22. It's incredible to think that she has been navigating ships for the past 10 years," said Keri following her interview with Londiwe.

Leaving her family at the age of 18 to start her career was scary, but an exciting experience at the same time. Joining her first ship left her homesick and with no communication with her family, but in the end, she earned the title of becoming Africa's first female Dredge Master.

"Londy and I spoke about the storms at sea, dolphins chasing the ship, being away from her family and partner for months at a time, and, of course, the worst word the other sailors taught her," added Keri.

Along the way, she did face challenges - one of them being society reacting positively and negatively to her career. Her parents were labelled as irresponsible for letting her go at a young age.

"She's a mom, a wife, a daughter, and the first woman from Africa to hold the position of navigator on a dredging ship. Imagine being out at sea, no land in sight, and you are the only female on board? Yikes!" said Keri.

She constantly juggles family and her career, so having a good support structure is key. She has a husband who helps her balance the imbalances together. 

Being awarded 2014's youngest achiever by the Durban Premier, sitting at an executive seat by 28, and awarded Best Innovation Award for introducing International compliance standards in 2017 was truly a humbling experience for Londy.

"She is an inspiration to all women and moms, make sure you listen to the end because Londy has got a solution for frazzled moms," concluded Keri.

Watch out world, Londy - the Queen of Maritime Studies, is making big 'waves'.

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