Quarantine Dream finalists captain's logs

Quarantine Dream finalists captain's logs

Darren, Keri and Sky are giving away amazing prizes and cash in our Quarantine Dream competition!

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Monday's first finalist is Preveni Govender, here's what her log looked like: 

Day 1:  Don't panic, there's enough food and internet. I can survive this. Wait, are 3 packs of toilet paper enough? Getting into the day like hey we got this! It's only 10:00 time for some Netflix and relaxation

Day 2: Eaten 50% of my quarantine supplies. Taught Keiko (my doggo) how to play cards. I think he is cheating or am I losing my capability to think of being at home. Time to take a nap to make the day go faster.......wake up and oh no only 5 minutes passed. Played some board games with the nephew and realized I'm bad at this but thanks to him and Keiko we are surviving with a smile

Day 3: Thinking Alright Okay, yeah we can do this .... (panic voice in head) No we can't. My supplies are now down to a can of tuna, some pasta and potato. Time to refresh the supplies .... (1 hour later) Back from the stores with essentials and some shaving cream (beginning to look like a wolf). Watched all of Harry Potter wondering how he didn't end up with Hermione, and does she not have a hairbrush. Look to the husband who gives me the "have you finished all the data already" look.

Day 4: Time to take the dog for a walk. I think he notices we are just walking around in circles. Sorry boy but this is our world for the next few weeks. Get used to it. Time for some entertainment. PlayStation here I come. Two hours later. How come Mario is so short compared to Luige. Was mom a dwarf? Oh God, I'm losing my mind!!!!

Day 5: Finally settling into quarantine life. Had a few ups and downs. A few panic sessions where I realized talking to myself was getting kind of crazy especially when the thoughts in my head started arguing with themselves but heeeey we all friends again. It's now time for some yummy cookies. (a recipe I found on Facebook). Later on, its time for a lord of the rings marathon and some good old fashion reading. Realizing that we need to sometimes slow our movements and just take note of how lucky we are to be alive can put things in perspective. And thank you loving husband for getting the internet back up and running. 

Our second finalist is Nompumelelo Mthethwah, here is what her logged looked like: 

Day 1: I packed the fridge, but it seems like 21 days will arrive a long time ago because the fridge is already empty

Day 2: I now have a sofa whereby it considered as my bed because I spend most of the time watching series on it

Day 3: I have gained more weight but I’m also exercising at home but after that indulge in 6 different dishes a day

Day 4: I have become a yellow bone now since the lockdown as I don't go out more often.

Day 5: I have even learnt how to dress properly because we have a fashion show at home now

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