Pregnant python killed in Inanda

Pregnant python killed in Inanda

Seasoned snake expert Nick Evans received a call that broke his heart this week.

Pregnant python killed in Inanda
Nick Evans

Nick Evans, who is a snake rescuer, has been hard at work teaching people about the importance of not only keeping ourselves and pets safe from the various species of snakes that we have in KZN, but also about preserving these reptiles. 

His latest podcast was an ode to the Southern African Python, in which he warned about keeping this snake as a pet or killing it; among other insightful information he shared.

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Unfortunately, not everyone is going to heed his advice, which is what happened when he received a call that a massive pregnant python had been killed in Inanda. 

"After the python podcast a guy contacted me almost immediately. It's quite sad, in Inanda that's a massive python the guy has killed and she was pregnant."

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Pregnant python killed in Inanda
Nick Evans

The good news is that Evans has received an invite to teach the community of Inanda about snakes, especially the python, which is on the protected species list due to illegal hunting.

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Nick's organisation, KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, is a chapter of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation.

Contact Nick on 072 809 5806 for information about snake removals. Email him if you'd like to find out about his educational talks.

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