Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Farah Fortune empowers women to succeed

Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Farah Fortune empowers women to succeed

“I keep pushing because my dream now feeds more than just me, so I make sure I am creating security for everyone,” says Farah Fortune.

Farah Fortune
Farah Fortune/ Supplied

Farah Fortune is no ordinary woman. She is a well-regarded entrepreneur and the most influential woman in Africa. She is better known to her clients and industry peers as 'The Pitbull in Heels'.  She has won many awards, including 'Glamour Woman Of The Year 2018', 'Africa’s Most Influential Woman (SADC Region)', and she recently received an award in New York at the United Nations Chairwoman Awards for her work within the women empowerment field.

Her PR company, African Star Communications, is behind many successful celebrities and corporate brands, including rappers AKA and Cassper Nyovest, and presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen.

Fortune recently expanded her business to Nigeria, Botswana, and Ghana.

What makes Fortune even more amazing is that she devotes her time to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and uplifting women. She is also a proud ambassador of Brand SA.

You strongly believe in women empowerment; hence you only employ females in your company. Tell us why it is important to you to empower women?

It’s important to empower women, so an equal level playing field can be created within the employment market. Skills development is so important amongst women, especially now.

Your industry is very competitive. What is your secret to success?

Focusing on my own goals has been imperative in succeeding. It’s like a horse race, you have to run it with blinkers on so you don’t lose focus by watching the competition.

Of all the awards you have received, which one did you least expect to win, and which one means the most to you?

I think the United Nations one. I really, never ever expected that one! All my awards mean something to me, no one more than the other. Each represents an achieved life goal.

You were recently honoured with 'The Most Influential Woman In Africa Award'? What does being the most influential woman in Africa mean to you?

It’s overwhelming. VERY OVERWHELMING. It is an award I’m proud of. I never imagined anyone would even know who I am!

How important is it for you to give back to your community?

It is very important to give back to the community. You have to pay it forward and help the next generation achieve. How else will we create generational wealth?!

How did you become involved with 'Brand SA'?

I have always supported the 'Brand SA' ethos and I help out with as many projects as I can. I used to do entrepreneurial talks for them and became more involved with them over the years.

Why is “Playing Your Part” an important part of your brand and business?

Playing my part is the only way I’m going to create a better world for the youth. Being involved with 'Brand SA' is imperative to reaching the right audiences within the communities.

Was there ever a time you felt like quitting your business? What made you keep pushing?

Yes! Of course! More often than I'd like to admit, just like any other entrepreneur. I keep pushing because my dream now feeds more than just me, so I make sure I am creating security for everyone.

What are some the biggest sacrifices you have had to make in order to see your businesses succeed?

Friendships and relationships. They have been my biggest sacrifices in life. I have had to sacrifice my time in order for these to work and it’s not always possible. That’s a tough situation to get used to.

You have businesses in different parts of the world. What are some of the challenges that come with expanding one’s business?

Finances can be a huge problem. Expanding also means putting in more time and if you haven’t mastered the art of balance in your life, this is a tricky mission.

Do you believe everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Yes I do, but does everyone believe that about themselves? No, probably not!

What are the misconceptions society has about being an entrepreneur?

That we are rich instantly! I wish this was true. Being an entrepreneur is tough and most people don’t realise the toll it takes on your mental health.

What are some of the struggles you faced when growing your businesses and how did you overcome them?

Money has been and always will be a struggle. I have overcome this by realising that struggles are just lessons, so I just keep learning better coping mechanisms.

Lastly, what is your advice to future entrepreneurs? 

Don’t let go of your dreams. There is no rewind button on life, so just go ahead and do it!

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