Pictures: #WhatsInYourFridge?
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Pictures: #WhatsInYourFridge?

Darren, Keri, and Sky have very different eating habits, so we decided to take a look in their fridges to see what they consume.

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Your fridge is probably the best reflection of your eating habits. There are leftovers, food items that you need to keep fresh, and food that you're about to eat. 

We asked the team to share pictures of what's in their fridge, and this is what we got - and we're not particularly surprised!

1. Toffee apple, an animated milk jar, and muscle and joint patches? This must be Darren Maule!

2. Everything green, gluten-free and 'winey' ? That smacks of Keri Miller!

3. Bottles, bottles everywhere. That can only be one person - Sky Tshabalala!

This is probably the best description of the team! Here are some of your fridge pictures too:

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