Pics: Severe thunderstorm left KZN in ruins

Pics: Severe thunderstorm left KZN in ruins

The severe thunderstorm last week left KZN citizens baffled at the amount of damage that occured.

Flooded mall thumbnail

The storm that ripped through Durban last week, delivering a deluge of rain and hail with strong winds that uprooted trees and collapsed walls.

It has been reported that at least five people were killed after a severe tropical storm wreaked havoc in the east coast city on Friday night, 26 February.

We asked you to send us pictures of the damage the thunderstorm, and we received many photographs of flooded homes, schools, malls and apartments.

Westville Mall and Pavillion Shopping Centre were severely flooded.

Westville flooded

(Photo by: Anna Marie)

Pavilion Shopping Centre flooded

(Photo by: Rene Gorie)

Trees damaged houses and cars on the road

Tree damages house

(Photo by: Jenny Anappa)

Tree damages car

(Photo by: Gail Diedericks)

damaged car by storm
Damaged property

(Photo by: Julius Francis)

And most roads were severly flooded

Flooded Road 1

(Photo by: Paul Sharp)

Flooded road 2

(Photo by: Merle Smith)

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