Pics: Keri Miller is an aunt again, welcomes baby boy!

Pics: Keri Miller is an aunt again, welcomes baby boy!

YESTERDAY I BECAME AN AUNT! For the second time, and I literally couldn’t be more stoked.

I had no idea I even had this amount of love inside me for another person.

One of the BEST things about this is that my sister Ceejae had no idea if she was having a little girl or boy, so at 4:20pm yesterday we got the news in a very busy WhatsApp group that was keeping all of us in the loop from all different corners of the world!!!

Keri whatsapp
Welcome to the world Bradley Shaun Shea. I already love you so so so much!

Keri - mom & baby
Keri - mom & baby 2
It is bittersweet not being able to be there with the family in Cape Town, but with technology, I really feel like I am there. I really feel for the grandparents and siblings who are separated from their loved ones by oceans and time zones, not just a few hundred kms.

Keri - family pic

My Mom and Dad flew to Cape Town from Durban to meet their second grandson, and the joy these little one have given them is something that brings tears to my eyes.

Keri Grand parents
To be honest,  a LOT brought tears to my eyes yesterday.
No, no… full blown tears. Every pic. Every video. I was a baby fountain!

Oh and guess what…. there is even better news...

My sister’s fiancé Mike has been offered a job right here in Durban. So, at the end of the month, my whole family will be in the 031! New East Coast Radio recruits. And I will get to play Aunt ALL THE TIME.

Happy birthday baby Bradley Shea, I love you with my everything.

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