PICS: Alleged AKA look-alike circulates social media

PICS: Alleged AKA look-alike circulates social media

Fans are blown away by the resemblance

AKA with question mark
AKA with question mark / canva

It’s staggering how similar people can look to one another but with billions of humans in the world, there are bound to be some similarities. We often hear of doppelgängers, especially for celebrities. This viral phenomenon depicts just that. 

The passing of legendary musician, Kieran “AKA” Forbes, is still shocking for many South Africans. 

While many have taken to social media to honour his legacy, one social media user shared something out of the blue. 

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The X user shared a post that notes that a pastor shares a striking resemblance to our music icon.

Take a look at the uncanny resemblance here, courtesy of X

As these pictures circulate social media, speculation surrounding reincarnation run rampant. All rumours and jokes aside, fans are in awe of this unique coincidence and have shared their take. 

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Here are some comments shared regarding Supa Mega: 

  • “Fella in the pulpit, with full Composure! He didn't die, he multiplied... "
  • “In my next life I wanna be a pastor. Then boom!“
  • "It's him!"

South African rapper AKA/ Instagram (@akaworldwide)

This is not the only doppelgänger we have come across for AKA. Take a look at a Durban local who also bears a resemblance...

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Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest on this developing story at East Coast Radio. 


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Image courtesy of X (Twitter) and canva

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