#OutlawTheStraw: A message to KZN and local businesses

#OutlawTheStraw: A message to KZN and local businesses

As we wrap up the #OutLawTheStraw campaign, we'd like to reflect on local businesses who have come on board to make a difference.

Afros outlaw the straw

Thank you to everyone who has pledged and have already ditched straws. Afro's were 'stoked' to be a part of this, and would like everyone to keep looking for ways that we can make a positive impact on our beautiful coast!

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They're also extending the invite to anyone who wants to know where to start to contact Afro's. It’s only by working together that we can make a significant impact.

Future environmentally focused plans for Afro's

Last year, Afro's committed themselves to help reduce our environmental impact on the oceans. Their goal is to remove all single-use plastic from our shops. They started with plastic straws and are proud to say that they have switched all their water from plastic bottles to glass. They also recently switched out plastic forks to biodegradable ones made from cornstarch.

In doing this, they'll save an estimated 35,000 plastic forks and 3,900 plastic water bottles from ending up in our oceans per month.

They're not 100% there yet, but are staying committed to their goals, and will be looking at alternatives to all single-use plastics in their shops. 

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