Orlando Bloom steals Justin Bieber's look

Orlando Bloom steals Justin Bieber's look

Orlando Bloom seems to be going through a midlife crisis as he channels his inner Justin Bieber! Who rocks the look better?

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Orlando Bloom doesn't seem to be over his little feud with Justin Bieber. The feud started when Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr was spotted with Bieber in Ibiza in 2014.

The pair had it out again with a naked paddle board competition (childish, we know)!

You'd think that Orlando would let it go & stop competing with a child, but he's gone a step further. If you can't beat them, look like them.

Orlando has stolen Biber's golden blonde hair! He took to Instagram to show off his Bieber look

back to blond...rolling to set...

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Watch out Justin Bieber!

Orlando vs Justin Bieber

Who looks better in the golden hair - Justin Bieber or Orlando Bloom?

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