Ooh La La! An unofficial love language has been discovered...

Ooh La La! An unofficial love language has been discovered...

We think there should be one more love language...

Couple in love
Couple in love/ canva

No matter where you come from or where you live, there is one universal language that we can all speak...

The language of love (cheesy much?).

QUIZ: What is your love language?

There are officially five love languages in the world. These include:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Acts of Service
  • Touch
  • Gifts

However, one more has just been discovered...

@awwlexis I always felt that there was one missing, here it is ♥️ credit: @wethelees #lovelanguage #6thlovelanguage #intimacy #relationship #selflove #attachmentstyle #lovelanguages #romanticgestures ♬ original sound - awwlexis

As mentioned in the video above and by experts around the world, there is in a fact a new love language. Question is, what is it?

The video above and articles around the world speak of "feeling known" as the 6th love language. This is when a partner remembers the little things about who you are and what you enjoy. 

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This has sparked major debate online as many believe that "feeling known" is just a combination of all the love languages.


Other people believe that social media, personal space, and distance could all be an alternative for a new love language. 

Our very own Sports Lead, Sky Tshabalala, reckons that 'Sporty' should be the new unofficial love language.

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